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"What will lead the future in regeneration and rejuvenation is consciousness. Science is proving that our thoughts affect our bodies...and that will determine how we will or will not age." --P.R. Avalon
Hi and welcome! I have a dream, no, a knowing, that we are on the brink of a revolution in how we age. I suspect you know that, too.
Technology, science and medicine are moving us forward into unimaginable resources for rejuvenation, repair and regeneration. That's exciting, because let's face it, the current model for aging, I mean extended aging, gets challenging. And with those challenges of course come incredibly beautiful spiritual lessons. As does everything in life. BUT, we can direct how we will age into a model that's far more fun!  It starts with believing it's possible.
One resource for slowing, and even reversing aging, (and aging doesn't mean maturing) is our energy intelligence. The innate intelligence of our being that directs energy into the formation of matter.
I have some resources to help you direct YOUR energy. You can create your body and shape your life in ways that will bring you more productive, peaceful and joyful years on the planet. Isn't that exciting?
By following the tips on this site, you can change the way you are going through time, watching the evidence of how your thoughts and intentions change it up!
Physically you will feel energized, healthier, more motivated to move, to do things, to express yourself. Your skin will be softer and brighter, your eyes will be clearer, your body will be more flexible and vibrant, and you may find you're even sleeping better and dreaming more.

EASY Rejuvenation through the Mind/Body Connection
Positively Agelesswith Hemi-Sync®  really can help you age differently!

By consciously altering your culturally programmed thinking about the aging process, you will be able to create new patterns that can affect your physical and psychological well being. Guided meditations, affirmations, and creative visualizations, will help you rewrite the program of aging, allowing you to feel younger, healthier, stronger, and more at peace while enhancing the overall quality of your life.
Try this powerful tool of Hemi-Sync® audio exercises with brain enhancing signals. With it you can effectively utilize the mind-body connection, creating what you wish for your body and your life.
Created by Patty Ray Avalon and Monroe Products     click here to order
User feedback:
"I use the Positively Ageless series and know it works! I am 50 years old but am always told I look younger and I feel younger too. I am claiming and embracing my permanent youth no matter how many years I accumulate in this physical facility. My favorite exercise from the series, where I can really feel tangible effects while I'm doing the exercise is Lightbody. I also like Clear and Balanced. Although I've done the complete series several times, these two exercises are part of my youth-maintenance routine. I'm no longer a believer that this works - I'm a knower!" --L.B.

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